Tag: Communities


  • Elistier

    A small elven village located in the [[Sabrewood]]. The village was all but wiped out years ago during a savage attack in which all of the female population was slain, save for Faria Sindanari.

  • Raven's Rest

    A town lying on the banks of the [[Nyryll River]] at the foot of the [[Black Hills]] and resting to the south of the [[Sabrewood]].

    *Population:* Approximately 1,600 live in the town proper while around 1,000 live …

  • Redbriar

    A small town at the northern end of the [[Nyryll River]] near the foot of the [[Twilight Mountains]].

  • Talonport

    The largest city in the region of Everwyld, Talonport is the power center of the controlling city state. The city lies at the mouth of the [[Nyryll River]], where it empties into the [[Gyfsul Sea]]. Talonport is a bustling city in which one can find a …

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