Raven's Rest

A town lying on the banks of the Nyryll River at the foot of the Black Hills and resting to the south of the Sabrewood.

Population: Approximately 1,600 live in the town proper while around 1,000 live outside the town walls within a couple miles. The majority of the population is made up of about 75% humans with dwarves, halflings and half elves making up a large portion of the remainder inhabitants. Elves are not uncommon as well, but tend to live outside of the town.

Government: Galren Duskton is the lord of Raven’s Rest. He is in charge of the laws, defense and general well being of the town. He has been placed in power by the controlling government of Talonport.

Defense: The town is walled and patrolled by a guard of 80 members lead by Captain Olar Theltan. A small barracks in the town also serves as a jail. A conscripted militia of 400 can be called up in times of emergency.

Inns: Venvyr House, Ring of Stars Inn, The Weary Wanderer

Taverns: The Rusty Blade, Fisherman’s Flask, Holetta’s Ale House, The Grinning Goblin

Supplies: Berilan’s Trading Post, Silverheart Goods and Guards

Temples: The faiths of Pelor, Avandra and the Raven Queen have temples in the town. Shrines to Erathis, Bahamut, Melora and Moradin are also available.

History: Raven’s Rest was a thriving town during the times of the Nerath empire. It was almost completely destroyed during a fierce battle against hobgoblin hordes nearly 150 years ago. Once the army of Talonport began to regain control of the area, Raven’s Rest was taken back under human control and the rebuilding process began. The only original structure that still stands from the time of the Nerath empire is the temple of the Raven Queen. Due to its proximity to the lucrative copper and silver mines in the Black Hills and its lying along the Nyryll river, Raven’s Rest is a thriving town and is growing despite it being so far from the protection of Talonport.

Places of Note

  1. Duskton Mannor – Lord Galren Duskton resides in this large manor house. It is surrounded by walls and used as a citadel should such circumstances arise that require it.
  2. Barracks – The barracks serve as the headquarters of the Raven’s Rest Guards. Lawbreakers are brought here where there is a prison as well as a justice hall in which representatives appointed by Lord Duskton act as judges. The captain of the guard, Olar Theltan, is often found here. The facility also contains a primitive training area as well as a small armory.
  3. The Weary Wanderer – Easily the most popular inn and tavern in Raven’s Rest, the Weary Wanderer is always bustling with locals and travelers alike. The prices here are moderate and the fare is always hearty – with hamples being a favorite among patrons. Moreann Brightwillow is the proprietress here. She is an attractive half-elf that has owned the establishment for about 10 years, she’s friendly to all who enter, as long as they cause no problems.
  4. Temple of Pelor – The main temple in town, this impressive structure actually houses smaller shrines to Bahamut, Moradin and Erathis in addition to the focused deity, Pelor.
  5. The Market – A wide variety of goods and services can be found here. The market is always bustling with locals and travelers alike plying their wares. In addition to commerce, the market also serves as a general gathering area for the town and is a central hub to find news from afar.
  6. Venvyr House – A more upscale inn located near Duskton Manor. The rooms here are pricey, but the accommodations are great.
  7. Ring of Stars Inn – Located next to the southern entrance to Raven’s Rest, the Ring of Stars provides lodging for travelers at a moderate price.
  8. Holetta’s Ale House – A favorite of the miners in town, Holetta’s provides cheap drinks and features a house brew known miles around for it’s great taste. The proprietress of this establishment is a dwarf named Holetta Farvein.
  9. Temple of the Raven Queen – One of the original structures in Raven’s Rest, the temple is on a hill resting against the northern wall of the town. The area directly surrounding the temple consists of the old graveyard and the few remaining ruins that have yet to have been cleared away to make way for the expanding new town.
  10. Grimain’s TowerGrimain the Defiant makes his home here. The tower is the tallest structure in town, rising nearly 100 feet into the air. The top of the tower contains an observatory.
  11. Temple of Avandra
  12. Houses of the Nobles
  13. The Rusty Blade
  14. The Fisherman’s Flask
  15. The Docks
  16. The Old Docks

Raven's Rest

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