Campaign Info

We are using the D&D 4E rules for this game. You may choose any race/class/powers/items etc from any of the core rule books. Anything from Dragon or Dungeon magazine articles is subject to approval.

Anything unique to the Forgotten Realms or Ebberon sourcebooks is not allowed.

Characters should not be evil for this campaign and followers of any god with an evil alignment should be avoided. Gods that are listed as good or unaligned are fine to choose from. The cosmology for the campaign follows that set forth in the core rule books and the gods available can be found in the Player’s Handbook.

Humans, half-elves, elves, dwarves and halflings are the most common races to the area and would be the most common choices for a character. However, all races presented in the books mentioned above are available. .

The campaign currently centers around the town of Raven’s Rest. I would recommend familiarizing yourself with the info presented in the wiki for the town.

Magic Item Wish Lists
Keeping a wish list of items your character would like to obtain is a great idea. I would recommend that you keep an updated list of a few items of different levels around your current level somewhere on your character description page on Obsidian Portal. This gives the Dungeon Master something to go off of when dreaming up massive treasure hoards!

House Rules
Combat Bonus- Any player that describes their attack in a colorful way receives a +1 attack bonus to that attack. It must be generally agreed upon by the group that the description meets the meaning of a colorful description. For example, a player declaring “I attack using Necrotic Web.” would not receive a bonus. That same player declaring “Using Necrotic Web, a giant web of strands of life draining energy shoots out at the troll.” would receive the bonus. Obviously, this description must be made before you roll the dice.

If you have an idea that bends or breaks these guidelines that you REALLY want to play, talk with me. If you can come up with a good story reason why it would work and it will add to the campaign then we can work something out.

Campaign Info

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