Chapter 1, Session 1
The Road to Farvein Mining Outpost

Recently having arrived in the town of Raven’s Rest, a half-elf bard known as Khonin begins wandering the streets in search of stories to chronicle. Apart from the typical stories from farmers of evil beasts lurking in the dark, he hears a more interesting story from the priests at the temple of the Raven Queen. They tell him of a group of adventurers that recently disappeared after investigating a rash of attacks on trade caravans into the towns, attacks that are rumored to be precipitated by goblins. Upon further inquiry, Khonin is directed to Ovthur Farvein, the owner of a prosperous mining company in the town whose business has been considerably hurt by these attacks.

Khonin investigates further at the Farvein Mining Company where the workers reveal that whomever is attacking the trade caravans not only take everything of value, but they also leave no bodies behind. All that remains as evidence is destroyed equipment and pools of blood. They also express their fear that Ovthur’s daughter, a dwarf named Rifkind, has fallen victim to these attacks. Using his incredible way with words, Khonin speaks to Ovthur and gets him to open up about the issue. The stoic dwarf tells him that Rifkind is a cleric and accomplished adventurer. She set off nearly a month ago to investigate the attacks and hasn’t been seen since. He has full faith that she is alive and well, but finds it odd that he’s heard nothing from her. He mentions that he will offer a substantial reward for stopping these attacks and another reward if anyone is able to find news of his daughter. With the story tugging at Khonin’s heart, and knowing that he can’t face this challenge alone, he heads off to find a group of brave souls to help him in the endeavor. Knowing full well the best place to find trustworthy, righteous adventurers who are willing to forsake their own safety to assist people they don’t even know, he heads to the local tavern…


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