Serah Slade

Longtooth Shifter Druid. Unaligned, worships Melora.


Born deep in the forest to the tribe Salomil, worshipers of Melora, Serah Slade was raised to live peacefully with her tribesman and harmoniously with nature. Until…

…Hamlon, the head of the tribe, mysteriously disappears and his nephew Kephlar assumes the role of leader. Serah believes Kephlar is behind the disappearance and possible death of Hamlon, but does not wish to accuse the new leader too hastily. She patiently observes Kephlar in his role as leader, and although she cannot prove his betrayal, she can be certain that the tribe will soon divide between the new followers of Kephlar and its members who have stayed loyal to Hamlon.

Under the Kephlar leadership, the hunters in the tribe are directed to search farther regions for unusual bounty and begin to encounter other races and creatures. Often the hunting party returns to the tribe with injured hunters and stories of their combative encounters. This new behavior is frowned upon by Serah and other like-minded shifters in the tribe, but Kephlar takes pride in the Salomil tribe’s victories in these small conflicts and orders the hunting party to leave the camp more and more frequently, even when the food reserves are fully stocked.

Serah pleads with her Hamlon loyalists to leave Salomil for another part of the forest away Kephlar and his dangerous practices, but they are too afraid of living without the protection of the tribe, as well as fear possible retaliation by Kephlar should they desert. Serah decides she must leave Salomil on her own, and the opportunity presents itself when a tribesman falls ill and asks for a volunteer to check his traps in the Southern region of the forest.

Serah Slade

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