A newly formed Cleric who was wrongfully accused of murder; desperate to regain her family's trust and honor


Juja, daughter of Cargwen and Kevtumol Laughingstone was exiled from the city of Tymanther at the age of 18.

She was found by her lover of 2 years, Tragzen Wyrmrul, in his own home, her hands covered in blood, his parents brutally murdered at her feet.

“What have you done?!” Tragzen screamed at the site of his parent’s lifeless bodies. “I was trying to help them!” she said. But her words went unheard.

Tragzen shook his father, “The Ottria! Where is it?!” he screamed. But there was no response. He ransacked the room, searching as fast as he could.

“What have you done with it, Juja!? Give. It. BACK!” he roared.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about! Tragzen, please! Listen to me!” Juja pleaded.

“You dishonorable thief!” were the last words Juja remembers hearing before she was knocked unconscious by Tragzen’s powerful dragon breath.

Shortly after, Juja stood trial before the High Council of Tymanther. They believe she commited this horrendous murder, however, due to the lack of true evidence, she was not sentenced to death but was exiled and dishonored by her people.

Desperate to regain her family’s trust and honor, Juja accepted her sentence, leaving Tymanther in search of the Wyrmrul’s killer. She was determined to shed the image of a ruthless murderer, and devoted her life to Pelor. She vowed to help and heal anyone she came across during her search – starting with the fine people of Raven’s Rest.

Tragzen was never seen again after Juja’s trial. There were many rumors spread about his disappearance. Some say he took a wife among the Dwarves and is now living underground. Some believed they saw him lingering in the woods after dark calling out for his “Ottria.”

It wasn’t until 2 years after Juja’s trial, that she met a Dark Elf by the name of Graven. It was Graven who told her of the Kruben Clan. He frequently traded with them and learned of their nefarious exploits in the nearby towns. Specifically, he told Juja of a Dragonborn couple whom the clan murderered to aquire an item of great power named the Ottria.

Juja then knew her next mission. She must find the Kruben Clan.


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