Khonin the Librarian

a dreamy, starry-eyed story teller on the path to find his destiny


Khonin the Librarian, level 1
Half-Elf, Bard
Build: Prescient Bard
Bardic Virtue: Virtue of Prescience
Background: Seer (+2 to Arcana)

Str 8, Con 14, Dex 12, Int 10, Wis 16, Cha 18.

Str 8, Con 12, Dex 12, Int 10, Wis 16, Cha 16.

AC: 16 Fort: 12 Reflex: 12 Will: 15
HP: 26 Surges: 9 Surge Value: 6

Arcana +7, Dungeoneering +8, Insight +10, Religion +5, Diplomacy +11

Acrobatics +1, Bluff +5, Endurance +2, Heal +4, History +1, Intimidate +5, Nature +4, Perception +4, Stealth +1, Streetwise +5, Thievery +1, Athletics -1

Bard: Ritual Caster
Level 1: Extended Prescience

Bard at-will 1: Jinx Shot
Bard at-will 1: Vicious Mockery
Dilettante: Eyebite
Bard encounter 1: Prophesied Strike
Bard daily 1: Arrow of Warning

Ritual Book, Chainmail, Light Shield, Longbow, Longsword, Arrows (30), Bedroll, Belt Pouch (empty), Flint and Steel, Torch (4), Waterskin

Traveler’s Chant, Comprehend Language


A foundling love-child abandoned on the steps of the Sehanine temple dedicated to her aspect of love, the babe Valentine was adopted by the order and raised as one of their own——and is considered a fortuitous omen according to their custom. The only clue to his origins lay in a strange amulet of a blindfolded skull wearing a wreathe of flowers and bearing the inscription: “To My Funny Valentine”.

Exposed to no end of romantic tales and heroic stories all in the name of love, Valentine was a starry eyed youth who immediately found his calling among the books and scrolls of their Great Library; and enthralled by their duties to share, inspire and preserve ancient and popular sagas, he set upon the path to join their guild and become a sacred Librarian. Taking his apprenticeship guild name of Khonin, he put himself in the hands of fortune and down the path to become a lorekeeper.

His first task: find and record one-thousand and one unique stories and return home. And in the name of destiny and love, Khonin finds himself tracking down the traces of a mysterious legend about the Raven Queen and the very first lich, leading to the main temple in the bustling town of Raven’s Rest.

But fate is rearing its head, as mysterious and portentous visions fill his mind. Spurred into action by the elusive phantasms and his increasing unease as his dreams literally come true, he secretly searches for any connection between himself, his amulet and his mother——who Khonin suspect was a seer maddened by visions of her own.

And now the arrival of certain demi-humans in town have consumed his attentions, most notably a redemptive Dragonborn, a sly Half-Orc, and a battle-born Goliath, whose fierce faces dance in his daydreams, facets of a event yet to come. He’s taken to following them around to discern something of their travels.

WISHLIST: Song-Longbow , Songblade-Longsword, Chainmail Time Link Armor, Preservation Light Shield,

Khonin the Librarian

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