16 year old Goliath Barbarian


Str 19 Con 18 Dex 10 Int 8 Wis 10 Cha 11

AC 14 FORT 16 Ref 11 Wil 11

2 handed Greatsword, hide armor, and a killing streak that Kord himself would be mighty proud of.


Ram is a hyper competitive teen looking to prove his worth in battle. Quick to rush in without thought and attack without thinking about the consequences. He has been separated from his family by choice, looking to find himself in the wilderness of the Sabrewood. He’s recently taken up mercenary work for whoever is hiring around Raven’s Rest as long as it is mostly on the up and up. Doesn’t like to talk about his family life much but it is known that he comes from a well established tribe in the Twilight Mountains. He’s recently encountered a group of seemingly organized undead creatures wondering around the woods that left him hurt but was able to escape from and has been recuperating in Raven’s Rest.

Word has reached him that all contact has been lost with his home village, and whispering of a dark Warlock have been floating about the city.

He tends to not know his place in a conversation and when he should just be quiet. The many scars on Ram’s body show the countless times his carelessness has cost him in blood.

Wishlist Armor : Hide
Bestial Armor +1 lvl3 AV
Bloodcut armor +1 lvl4 PHB
Serpentskin armor +1 lvl3 AV
Barkskin armor +1 lvl5 PHB
Weapon : Greatsword
Parrying weapon +1 Lvl2 <av>
Vicious weapon +1 lvl2 PHB
Supremely vicious weapon +1 lvl2 AV2
Blood fury Weapon +1 lvl3 AV2
Quick Weapon +1 lvl3 AV
Acidic Weapon +1 lvl4 AV
Sunblade +1 lvl4 AV


Everwyld VisionVoid Spoon