“Is it fame and glory you seek? You want to walk with the gods perhaps? You’ve got a thirst for adventure? Always wondering what amazement can be found just on the other side of that mountain or in the middle of that forest? The cries of battle quicken your heart? Love the smell in the air as ancient magic crackles around you? Then Everwyld suits you. Me? I’ve a thirst for life – well that and ale. I’ll just stay here behind these walls and raise pigs.” – drunk farmer at the Rusty Blade.

Everwyld is a land of fantastic mystery and overwhelming danger. Superstition runs rampant in this world where the line between reality and fairy tale gone wrong often becomes blurred. Recently reclaimed by civilized races, Everwyld is under constant threat of being overrun by monstrous forces that once had run of the land. 3567591510 3ab693b6be o

Please see A Player’s Guide to Everwyld for more information on the setting.

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